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Dr. Caesar Hearne

Many people end up with a swollen or aching jaw in the mornings. This is often exacerbated by bruxism, a disorder in which one grinds or clenches their teeth. Some claim that 10-15% of the population were affected by this disease.

While an aching jaw can appear to be a minor issue, it may lead to premature dental wear and jaw-related other problems. Fortunately, bruxism can be treated reasonably well with a system known as a nightguard. You can see one of our dentists and see if a nightguard is a good idea for you.

Nightguards are simple medical devices that shield your teeth as you sleep. There are many various types of nightguards available, and it is critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of every kind to make the right choice for treating bruxism and maintaining your dental health.

The most popular and least expensive type of nightguard is made of plastic or another soft material, and it is designed to shield your upper teeth. They are available in a range of sizes and are simple to insert into your mouth at night. Since this nightguard does not allow for customization, it can also result in a bad fit that is uncomfortable and difficult for patients to tolerate at night. They can also make it difficult to talk and breathe while asleep.

A boil and bite style nightguard is another widely available choice. This nightguard is made of a soft thermoplastic material meant to be immersed in hot water and then bit into by the patient. They bite back, pressing the mouthguard securely between their teeth. The material takes on the form of the teeth and gums as it cools. Although this is a more comfortable fit than a regular nightguard, it can also be cumbersome and interfere with speech or breathing habits.

A custom nightguard is the final form of a nightguard. Each patient receives a one-of-a-kind nightguard. A mold of your teeth is taken, and the nightguard is produced in a laboratory for you. These nightguards are smaller and sometimes have the perfect match for your mouth. They do not interfere with your ability to breathe and should have a minor effect on your ability to talk.

Schedule an appointment with us today if you believe a personalized nightguard is the right choice for you.


The total coverage is an essential difference to make between a mouthguard and a nightguard. Athletic mouthguards are intended to secure the whole tooth as well as the intersection of the tooth with the jawline. This means that a mouthguard’s penetration extends to the gumline.

Furthermore, mouthguards are meant to be used for shorter periods of time when we are busy and awake. The extra shielding that a mouthguard offers is perfect for sports, but sleeping with one will quickly bring discomfort to the gums. It also causes bacteria to incubate on the gum lines for the duration of your night.

Nightguards, on the other hand, protect the biting surfaces. This encourages your gums to breathe naturally while preventing any damage to your teeth.


If you are thinking of using a night guard for bruxism, you can consult with your dentist first. We will lead you to the right one for you and help you prevent any needless pitfalls. Furthermore, if you need a personalized nightguard, we are qualified to do all of the legwork involved with getting you the proper fit. Call us today to inquire about the possibility of wearing a nightguard to help you from grinding your teeth while sleeping.