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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Layton, UT

If you’re looking for a sleep doctor or in need of sleep apnea treatment in Layton, we are here for you.

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Sleep apnea dental patient wearing CPAP breathing mask in Layton, UT


Having to wear a cumbersome CPAP mask to sleep is not pleasant. We understand you need to get a deep night of sleep.

Are you struggling with common sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea or snoring? If so, you are in the right place.

Dr. Hearne is Layton’s leading sleep specialist and has helped patients throughout the Layton get proper sleep and rest for over 40 years. Sleep disorders are a group of chronic conditions that need to be addressed once they are identified and you can trust that Dr. Hearne can assist you with any sleep disorders you may be facing. Schedule an appointment with the best sleep doctor in Layton today and start the process of reclaiming your sleep again.

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Sleep apnea makes it extremely difficult for the body and mind to get enjoyable, adequate sleep. Woodland Park Dental’s sleep apnea treatment can relieve those sleepless night occurrences. Dr. Hearne will work with you to build the most effective treatment strategy, aiming to improve the quality of sleep you need to perform at your maximum level.

If you’ve been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea in Layton, we may be able to assist you with effective treatments that are CPAP free. 

Here are a few things we hear from our patients before they decide to get a dental device to treat their sleep apnea:

Solution: You may not need a bulky and uncomfortable CPAP machine. A simple custom-fitted sleep apnea dental device may be your solution for a better night’s sleep.

Solution: Here’s some good news, for many patients a custom-fitted sleep apnea mouthpiece can effectively treat your sleep apnea without having to wear an uncomfortable CPAP breathing mask.

Solution: Most dentists don’t, but Dr. Hearne is Board Certified and is the most qualified dentist in the area certified to treat sleep apnea.

Solution: Here’s something nobody has ever said, “I wish I could carry more luggage when I travel!” With a custom fitted sleep apnea mouthpiece, all you need is a small protective case that can fit easily into your toiletry bag. That’s it! No more extra luggage.

Solution: You have to clean and maintain your CPAP machine because if you don’t, you are exposing yourself to harmful bacteria growing in your CPAP machine. With a custom fitted sleep apnea mouthpiece cleaning and maintaining your dental device is incredibly simple.

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Sleep Quietly

No loud machines humming all night keeping you awake.

Sleep Comfortably

No irritating masks and no more wrestling with breathing tubes at night.

Sleep Soundly

Get the best rest of your life and treat your sleep apnea for good with a sleep apnea dental device.

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Meet Dr. Hearne

Dr. Caesar Hearne grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. He decided to become a dentist at the age of 12, due to the example of a close family friend and well known dentist. He began his career in the hotel industry at age 14, where he learned the importance of customer service and a high standard of excellence. When Dr. Hearne was 18, he lost his little brother, “Little Buddy,” to cystic fibrosis who was 7 when he died. The tender care given to his brother throughout his life by wonderful nurses and doctors inspired Dr. Hearne to become and excellent caregiver for his patients.

Meet Dr. Christensen

Dr. Peter Christensen loves connecting with his patients and providing comprehensive care to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile for every patient. He is committed to providing excellent care by listening to your concerns, explaining recommended procedures, and helping make your experience comfortable. He is also dedicated to continued training and advancing dental technology in order to provide the highest level of care.

A Good Night Sleep
In Four Easy Steps

Step 1


Tell us about your symptoms during a risk analysis appointment.

Step 2


Take a sleep test to determine if a sleep apnea device is right for you.

Step 3


Get rid of your sleep apnea for good with a comfortable dental device.

Step 4


Since you won’t need your CPAP anymore, you’re free to give it away.

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Stop sacrificing a comfortable sleep for your health.
You can have both with a sleep apnea dental device.

Many residents throughout Layton are frustrated with having to wear an uncomfortable CPAP machine to address their sleep apnea and may be unaware there’s a better option to handle this condition so they can sleep well. With a sleep apnea dental device, you can wave goodbye to your unpleasant CPAP machine while also treating your sleep apnea and bring back peaceful sleep in your life. If you’re in seeking sleep apnea treatment in Layton, UT, we are here for you.

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