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Dr. Caesar Hearne

There are many common materials that may be used to cover a tooth cavity. Composite dental fillings are one of the most often used forms of tooth-colored fillings.

Composite fillings are available in several shades to complement a variety of tooth colors. Current research indicates that composite fillings may last as long as other types of fillings, but this is not always the case for older fillings.

  • To restore a front tooth that has a cavity
  • To repair a hole in a back tooth that is concerned with esthetics
  • (Some patients wish to avoid putting any mercury in their mouths and therefore elect for all composite fillings because silver fillings are about 50% mercury.)
  • To repair cracked teeth
  • To fill the gaps between teeth
  • To fully coat the front tooth’s surface in order to make it whiter, cleaner, and more aesthetically appealing
  • To revive or rebuild worn teeth

In certain circumstances, composite fillings are placed in just one dentist appointment.  Since composite fillings are usually not as deep as silver fillings, you do need any local anesthesia with those fillings! However, in most situations, you will remain numb as the surgeon removes decayed or infected tooth structure and restores the tooth with a composite dental filling. You can eat immediately after your dental visit for a composite filling.

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