Dental Implants

Replacements that fit, feel
and function like natural teeth

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Dental Implants

Replacements that fit, feel, and function like natural teeth

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Eat With Confidence

Live With Confidence

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Too many people
suffer unnecessarily
because of tooth loss.

Many people are concerned about the way their teeth look, but are afraid of high costs or uncomfortable dental work.

Do you experience any of the following:

  • Tooth decay from a medical condition
  • Tooth loss from a traumatic injury
  • Embarassing ill-fitting dentures
  • Chronic tooth infection
  • Pain
  • Missing teeth
  • Failing teeth
  • Chronic dental problems
  • Difficulty Chewing
  • Embarrassed to Smile
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Layton Dental Implants

Dental implants consist of artificial roots of teeth inserted into the jawbone through a minimally invasive surgery by our dental implant specialist. Each tooth root creates a long-lasting and robust base for the reconstruction and restoration of your tooth, resulting in implants that look and behave like natural teeth.

There are plenty of perks to receiving dental implants. Most distinctively, dental implants remove all of the shortcomings of traditional restorations, like dentures and dental bridges. Since dental implants, like your real teeth, fit into the bone, they will not move or shift when speaking or chewing food.

With nearly 250,000 patient visits, Dr. Hearne and his staff have extensive dental implant experience. Woodland Park Dental is recognized for its expert-level sedation dentistry, which means that your dental implant procedure will be smooth, straightforward, and relaxed. Call or email us today to schedule a dental implant consultation with Layton’s top dental implant dentists.

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Dental Implant Excellence

Best Dentist in Layton, UT

Meet Dr. Hearne

Dr. Caesar Hearne grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. He decided to become a dentist at the age of 12, due to the example of a close family friend and well known dentist. He began his career in the hotel industry at age 14, where he learned the importance of customer service and a high standard of excellence. When Dr. Hearne was 18, he lost his little brother, “Little Buddy,” to cystic fibrosis who was 7 when he died. The tender care given to his brother throughout his life by wonderful nurses and doctors inspired Dr. Hearne to become and excellent caregiver for his patients.

Meet Dr. Christensen

Dr. Peter Christensen loves connecting with his patients and providing comprehensive care to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile for every patient. He is committed to providing excellent care by listening to your concerns, explaining recommended procedures, and helping make your experience comfortable. He is also dedicated to continued training and advancing dental technology in order to provide the highest level of care.

Dental Implant Solutions

For a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

Dental patient celebrate after dental implant procedure in Layton, UT

OUR Dental Implant Team

Under one roof, you will have an entire team of general dentists working for you during the duration of your treatment, from beginning to end.

OUR Treatment Promise

We will team together to maintain your trust and dental well-being. We’ll do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.

YOUR Easy Financial Solution

With the exception of Medicaid and HMO, we accept most health insurance plans. Additionally, we offer special discounts to potential patients without benefits. You will know the costs of your general dental treatment before any procedures begin.

All The Implant Dentistry You Need
Under One Roof

Elderly couple celebrate after dental implant procedure in Layton, UT

The newest method in dentistry used to replace missing or extracted teeth is a procedure called dental implants. Dental implants consist of three key components – a screw-like piece of metal called an anchor is first inserted into the jawbone, then a crown that acts as a replacement tooth is placed on top of the anchor, and an abutment is used to secure the two together.

Although dental implants have an extremely high success rate, that does not mean that they are right for every patient. If you are considering dental implants, you will need to have a consultation with your dentist who will assess your candidacy based on your individual health and dental requirements. The ideal candidate will:

  • Have great general and oral health
  • Have sufficient bone in their jaw to support the implant
  • Have healthy gums
  • Be committed to taking very good care of their teeth and gums

People who may not be suitable candidates for implants include:

  • Heavy smokers
  • Pregnant women
  • Young people whose jawbones are still developing
  • Those with immune conditions
  • Those with uncontrolled diabetes
  • Alcohol or substance abusers
  • People who have received a high dose of radiation to the head or neck
    (for example, radiotherapy for cancer)
  • Hemophiliacs
  • People who have a suppressed immune system

If you have a single tooth missing, then you will need an implant to support it. However, if you have multiple teeth missing, it is possible for two or more implants to support more than one tooth each in what is known as an implant-supported bridge. Your dentist will be able to advise you if this is a viable option for your personal dental requirements.

The length of the treatment depends on the extent of the work that is needed, but you can expect to make several visits to your dentist’s office over the course of a six-month period. Your dentist will be able to give you a more accurate treatment timeline based on your personal dental requirements.

For many people, the idea of having a metal screw inserted into their jaw is absolutely terrifying. However, since anesthesia is used during the procedure, you shouldn’t feel any pain. Some swelling and soreness afterward is fairly common, but over the counter pain relief is normally sufficient to alleviate any discomfort and these symptoms will usually dissipate by the next day.

The anchor is made of a very tough and durable material called titanium. Once the implant is inserted into your jaw, a process called osseointegration takes place where the bone that surrounds the implant begins to fuse to the anchor which strengthens it even further. It is not until this has happened that the replacement tooth will be fitted, but once in place, your new implant will be as secure as a regular tooth.

Dental implants have the highest success rate of any implanted surgical device at around 98%. However, a robust oral hygiene routine is crucial to ensuring their results for the long-term.

One of the biggest reasons that people choose implants is for their subtlety. The only visible part of your implant is the replacement tooth which will be color-matched so that it is the same as your existing teeth. And since it is a permanent fixture, you can eat and drink as normal as there is no need for unsightly denture removal which means that no one needs to know you have a dental implant unless you tell them.

Dental implants are created uniquely to fit the specific requirements of the patient and as such, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ cost. While they may seem like an expensive option at first, over time implants are usually a more cost-effective and reliable solution to missing teeth.

You may find that your dental insurance policy covers part of the cost of your treatment, or that you can get additional coverage. We highly recommend that you speak with your dental insurance provider to see what options are available to you as well as speak with your dentist as many dentists are able to offer payment plans through third-party providers.


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